Intro - Love Death 2 Touhou Character Mods - Installation guide by Robbi-985

This is the start of an interactive step-by-step guide on how to install some Touhou character mods for LD2 (らぶデス2) (H-game by Teatime).
The images above are not all of the preview images. More exist, but they are different versions of already-shown characters, or very old mods. You can see them here.

This guide applies to anybody who is able to view 3D scenes in LD2. If you cannot get that far, then it's probably a problem with your system setup (most likely Direct3D-related, so if a DirectX update doesn't fix it, I recommend considering getting a better graphics card).
No matter how much or how little you may have modded your LD2 installation so far, as long as LD2 works for you now, the mods you see above will also work on your computer by the end of this guide.

I apologise for the lack of style in this guide. I tried to keep to the information without paying much attention to making it look nice.

LD2 works, and I want the character mods - guide me~! ...or something like that.