Speech Transfer Thingy

Here you can request my server to read some text.

- Type text in the box below (using Kana/Kanji for Japanese with VW Miyu!).
- Press where it says to.
- Wait for server to deal with your request. It does this:
- - Speak the text you type into a WAV file.
- - Convert the WAV to a much smaller MP3.
- - Give you the link to the MP3.

- When it's done, click the link.

IMPORTANT: Even though nothing may happen in your browser for up to about 10 seconds (it depends partly on how much text you typed), please only click the button once! Thank you!
(Otherwise I might need to take this down, which would suck.)

Text to read:

to send the request!

If you select a voice, info about it will appear here.