StepMania Simfiles by Robbi-985 aka SomethingUnreal

Here you can find all simfiles for StepMania (or ITG) which I've made so far. They're all intended to be played on a keyboard. You can download each simfile by clicking its title. The song artist is shown in square brackets underneath the title. Simfiles are aranged with newest at the top.

- I've uploaded all of my simfiles to BemaniStyle, so if the download from here at my site is too slow, please click "{Bemani}" next to the title to download from BemaniStyle instead.
- In the "Diff." (difficulty) column, [M] = Medium, [H] = Hard/Heavy, [C] = Challenge, [E] = Edit, and the number is the "foot rating".
- For much more info on any simfile, please click the "+" symbol next to it (this info is included in the download too).

Title [Artist] / Notes:Genre:Dur.:BPMs:Diff.:Number of notes:Size:
+ {Bemani} Electric River
[Robbi-985 aka Something Unreal]

A techno remix of Komachi's theme. Although the BPM of the music is 120, I doubled the BPM of the simfile to make it so that I didn't have to use such high speed multipliers to get the notes to scroll at a playable speed.
Techno 02:59 240 [M] 9 1338 (859 taps, 479 holds) 7.08 MB
+ {Bemani} Music using ONLY sounds from Windows XP/98!
[Robbi-985 aka Something Unreal]

Ashpotter created the "Hard" steps, I created the "Challenge" steps.
Also, in case anyone doubts the random-sounding BPM, there's a file with a ridiculous amount of math proving that it's not random, in 'BPM info.txt' included in the archive.
Electronic 01:49 110.015 [H] 10
[C] 12
618 (618 taps, 0 holds)
899 (840 taps, 59 holds)
4.30 MB
+ {Bemani} Critical Judgement (Updated Version)
[Sota Systems and Something Unreal]

In this version, rphaku has created a new "Edit" step chart (and a nice new banner image) and the BPM now only reaches 495 when it used to reach 660. None of the background images have black bars at their edges anymore either.
Techno 02:18 82.5 ~ 495 [H] 6
[C] 9
[E] 10
621 (559 taps, 62 holds)
763 (584 taps, 179 holds)
950 (794 taps, 156 holds)
6.45 MB
+ {Bemani} Critical Judgement
[Sota Systems and Something Unreal]

It's mainly only near the end of the Challenge steps that are difficulty-9 material.
Techno 02:18 82.5 ~ 660 [H] 6
[C] 9
621 (559 taps, 62 holds)
763 (584 taps, 179 holds)
6.4 MB
+ {Bemani} Touhou Piano Medley
[Something Unreal]

The BPM changes are what is responsible for me giving this simfile such a high difficulty rating. Therefore, if you play it at a constant speed, I'd say its difficulty would be only 7 or less.
Piano 03:18 44.912 ~ 769.252 [H] 8 1054 notes (943 taps, 111 holds) 7.33 MB