How to modify a
Toy Washing Machine
to make it
Computer-Controlled! :D
Modified by Stevn-986 - Guide made by Robbi-985

In this guide, I show how to modify a toy washing machine so that it has a nice, powerful, very fast-spinning motor, and you can control the speed of its drum using a computer. You'll be able to control the speed using even low-power pulses (less than 1 Volt, much lower than the motor would NORMALLY need to be able to turn), so actually you could even connect it to a speaker output and play some music and the drum would turn!

Take a look at this YouTube video to see the washer which we modded! =D

Any toy washing machine can be modified (as long as it has a motorised drum), but in this guide I explain how to modify the Miele Softronic washer. It's not hard to apply this guide to other washers though. In fact, you can control anything at all which has a motor, since the motor itself is what we're playing with here.

WARNING: In case you hadn't realized, you will not be able to use the washing machine as the manufacturer originally intended, when you've worked through this guide! You will only be able to control it from a computer or laptop, or anything which emits pulses between about 0.1 Volts and 12 Volts (to be safe). We will have to disconnect the original circuits so they will no longer be able to control it.

Right! You're still reading here, so you must really want to do this!
Let's get modding... --> Section 2 - What you need