Only replace bytes (don't insert any).
While editing, you must only replace the existing bytes (not insert new ones). Inserting would shift all following bytes forwards. The bootloader is hard-coded with the exact location of the start of each individual message; if you shift messages forwards, it will no longer be looking in the correct locations. Rather than simply looking messy, this could potentially cause a crash, so it's very important that you only replace bytes. This means that each custom message is limited to the length of the original message. However, if your custom message is shorter, you can just replace the remaining bytes of the original message with spaces (byte h20).

NOTE if using XVI32: Be very careful that you do not press the backspace key. For me, this was a very hard habit to overcome whenever I made a typo. Backspacing will shift all following bytes backwards by one location, causing the problem described above. If you backspace by mistake, it is possible to use "Edit > Insert string" to re-insert a byte (of any value) in order to shift the following bytes forwards by one byte again.

After backspacing the apostrophe, all subsequent bytes have been shifted backwards by one byte.

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- Robbi-985 aka SomethingUnreal