Guide for modifying text in the Windows XP bootloader

My first modification to the bootloader. This is the message shown before booting, after a previous failed boot.

The bootloader is responsible for showing messages such as the one displayed when Windows fails to boot, and the one displayed while resuming from hibernation. By modifying the bootloader, you can change these messages. I did this for fun, and some people were interested, so I made this tutorial.

Please read this entire guide before attempting to follow the instructions.

- The bootloader file
- First message and new-line characters
- Replacing bytes
- A few more tips
- Using your modified bootloader
- About recovery & summary

Must I really say this?
As we are in the age where people like to think that they can offload their own responsibilities onto other people, I feel I should point out that, should you choose to modify the bootloader on your own computer, it is your own responsibility. As I clearly clearly state the dangers in the guide, blaming me for something that goes wrong is akin to the notion of eating something clearly labelled as rat poison and then suing the shop you bought it from. I am merely attempting to be of service, throwing this information out there to try to help any curious people and fellow geeks while away the hours with needless fun.

- Robbi-985 aka SomethingUnreal