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BMM Music File Downloads for Bleeper Music Maker by Robbi-985
"Right-click and save" on the music name to download the BMM music file.

Music Name Music Artist Extra Info BMM Creator File format version Creation Date
Remi Solo ZUN Highest notes of piano solo from Remilia Scarlet's theme ("Septette for a Dead Princess")
From Touhou 06: Embodiment of Scarlet Devil
Robbi-985 131 21 May 2008
Tsuki Dokei ~Luna Dial~ ZUN SHIFT-JIS title: 月時計〜ルナ・ダイアル〜
Translation: Moon Clock ~Luna Dial~
Sakuya Izayoi's theme.
From Touhou 06: Embodiment of Scarlet Devil
Robbi-985 129 08 May 2008
Gekiryuu Sanzu Kawa Beat Mario SHIFT-JIS title: 激流三途川
Approximate translation: Swift Current River Sanzu
It's a remix of Komachi Onozuka (from Touhou Project)'s theme.
Robbi-985 128 11 Apr 2008
Bokura no Bouken Kids Alive SHIFT-JIS title: 僕らの冒険
Thanks to Yumeni (YouTube) / Shana-tan for supplying MIDI. ;)
Robbi-985 128 30 Mar 2008
Face Down The Red Jump-suit Apparatus Robbi-985 124 23 Feb 2008
Hourai no Tama, Dokomademo Utsukushiku IOSYS SHIFT-JIS title: 蓬莱の玉、どこまでも美しく (A+B)
Approximate translation: The Hourai Jewel, Ever Beautiful (A+B)
Robbi-985 123 22 Feb 2008
Koko de Atta ga Rokujuu Nenme IOSYS SHIFT-JIS title: 此処で逢ったが六十年目
Approximate translation: (I'm not sure - something about "it was here" and "the year 60")
Note: This was originally made with version 118, but I updated it with some silence at the begining, so that the display of measures down in the bottom-right from version 127 onwards shows correct things.
Robbi-985 127 14 Jan 2008
Koko de Atta ga Rokujuu Nenme - Fast at 53 Seconds IOSYS It's a little looping part of the full version of the music which I finished later (this was used in the making of it).
See full version (above) for SHIFT-JIS title and approximate translation.
Robbi-985 118 14 Jan 2008