SC-88Pro LCD SysEx Generator - LATEST RELEASE

Current version is 1.0.5 - DOWNLOAD (1.26 MB)

This very basic page simply contains the latest version of my 'SC-88Pro LCD SysEx Generator' program. I recommend the freeware 7-Zip for extracing the archive.

Note: You may need to install the Microsoft Visual Basic Runtime if you encounter an error when trying to run it for the first time. For your convenience, the VB Runtime installer is included with the download. Please see 'FIRST RUN' in info.txt (included in download) for details. This file contains all the documentation that I've made so far.
You may also want to look at the change log: 'version info.txt' (also included in the download).
Note that the screenshot below and included in the download may be of an earlier version. I do this if the newer version looks not significantly different.