JPEG Splitter

Splits a big JPG into smaller parts.
To be able to see these parts all together making up one thing looking just like the original image, the program also makes an HTML file with a table in it which contains all the separate images.
When you open that file in a browser it looks just like the original big image.
I made / am making this in Visual Basic (6).

Program download (current version is 0.9.188): JPEG Splitter
Extract the .7z archive into a folder using 7-Zip.
If you run the program straight from the archive without extracting all the files, the program won't be able to see the DLL files which it needs to load and save images.

Errors when trying to run? You might be missing some OCX files the program needs, so...
OCX Files download: JPEG Splitter OCX Files
Extract the OCX files to the same folder as where you extracted the program to.
Then when you run the program it should be OK.