Compatibility Info

The whole point of me making this HTTP version of JVS is so that it is compatible with as many things as possible.
The only requirement is a web browser. Not even Java is required!

Below is a list of operating systems and browsers I have tested this HTTP version on, and whether it worked or not.
Just because a system or browser may not be in the list doesn't mean that it doesn't work! It is because I haven't tested this with that system or browser.

[Works] Windows XP with support for Japanese characters, with Japanese non-Unicode, using Firefox 1.5 and Internet Explorer 6
[Works mainly] PSP (PlayStation Portable) web browser - refuses to send its Kana/Kanji in Unicode, no matter what character encoding it is told to send it in, but JVS uses the Hiragana of the Romaji when nothing's been typed, and the PSP can display that. :) (So just don't type any kana/kanji)
[Works] Windows XP with support for Japanese characters, with UK English non-Unicode, using Firefox 2.0