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This mainly hosts random things for myself and other people which I'm not able to (or just don't want to) host on any other web-hosting sites.
There are also main 'feature' pages of the site - programs and such that I've made and am showing off like more normal people do.

This page is an extremely basic main index page which will probably rarely be visited because people will just link straight to the files.
The list of featured things below is not all that is hosted here. These are just the things which I'm showing off. Be sure to check my blog if you don't want to miss other things.


Name Type Information
My SC-88Pro MIDIs Web page / ZIP All the MIDI files I've made for the Roland SC-88Pro synthesizer since 2012, which I've also shown in YouTube videos and blog posts.
SC-88Pro LCD SysEx Generator [Download] [Video] Program A program I made to generate hexadecimal text for GS system-exclusive MIDI messages to display text and graphics on the LCD of the Roland SC-88Pro synthesizer. May also work with other Sound Canvas synthesizers.
Waveform Display [Download] Program An audio file player that displays a waveform at a high frame rate in various ways. Supports WAV, MP3, OGG, FLAC, WMA, and can handle very long files. Can attempt to play on the internal PC speaker, control lights connected to the computer's parallel port, and supports the Logitech G15 LCD.
BaWaMI [Download] Program "Basic Waveform MIDI Software-Synthesizer" - A standalone MIDI file player with an electronic, retro-style sound. Can also play live MIDI input and control the PC speaker, even on 64-bit Windows 7. Supersedes Bleeper Music Maker.
Modding the Windows XP Bootloader Tutorial (Web page) The bootloader is responsible for showing messages such as the one displayed when Windows fails to boot, and the one displayed while resuming from hibernation. By modifying it the bootloader, you can change these messages. I did this for fun, and some people were interested, so I made this tutorial.
StepMania Player [Download] Program A program I made for loading, showing info on, and playing, StepMania simfiles. It can optionally control lights connected to the computer's parallel port, and other devices/programs.
StepMania Simfiles Web page / ZIP All simfiles for StepMania (and ITG, etc) which I have made and released so far.
LD2 Touhou Character Mods Installation Guide Tutorial (Web page / CGI) A guide for installing any one of most of the Touhou character mods for TeaTime's "Love Death 2".
Most of the guide is generated automatically. Therefore if you see something which looks weird, please let me know, and I won't hesitate to fix it.
ModPlug Tracker Brief Intro Tutorial (Web page) Since several people from YouTube have been asking how to get started with ModPlug Tracker, I've made a tiny guide for getting started. But I mean it, it really IS tiny, and very brief. Sorry about that. But you can always search for others on Google.
Vocaloid2 - Japanese English Tutorial (Web page) A little guide I made for introducing you to how to make a Japanese voice for Vocaloid2, such as Miku or Rin, sing in 'kind of' English. Well, it's tips for making it sound better. Knowledge of Japanese syllables would be very useful while reading the guide.
New versions of Miku and new Vocaloid voices support English natively, so this guide is obsolete for them.
Bleeper Music Maker [Download] Program A program I made for creating music with the internal PC speaker. No longer in development; superseded by Bawami.
Old FM MIDI Synth Wep page / MP3 The soundcard in my oldest computer has a very electronic-sounding, FM MIDI synth on it, which sounds really cool if you're a chip-tune fan. The percussion is especially electronic-sounding.
This is a collection of high-quality MP3s of the synth playing some full MIDI files. I've made a YouTube video where I show it off a bit - you can see it here.
How to modify a Toy Washing Machine to make it Computer-Controlled! Tutorial (Web pages) A full tutorial for how to modify a toy washing machine so that it can spin very fast, and be controlled by a computer! The hardware work was done by my brother. See this YouTube video of the washer which we modded!
Japanese Verbs Stuff v3 HTTP Web page / CGI Shows you lots of different forms (endings) you can put on a verb which you give it, working out the stem for each. This is an HTTP version I've made, so it's compatible with any OS!
Interact Face Web page / Java A little page I made which shows a little anime-style face which you can play around with, using 3 sliders to change its expression, only using HTML and Java. This is quite basic, and I don't like the messy code, so I think I'll make a better, more complete version sometime. EDITED TO WORK WITH INTERNET EXPLORER + low memory usage to work with PSP!
Speech Transfer Thingy Web page / MP3 Not as much in beta as it used to be! Get an MP3 of a CG voice (speech synth) reading text you type.
JPEG Splitter Program I made / am making this in VisualBasic for splitting a big JPG into smaller ones and making an HTML file to display the small pieces all together in a table, to make up the full image again. Inspired by Splitz.
Controlling Lynx6 Program Visual Basic 6 source code for a program I've made for controlling the Lynx6 robotic arm (including full source code and a help file (which isn't complete)).
Error files Directory Listing Directory containing the custom error pages and images I made for this server.
MID / MUS files Directory Listing Directory containing MIDI files.
I recommend the freeware soft-synth MIDI-G (updated link 3-Apr-2008!) for decent-sounding MIDIs.
Pointless Info Web page / CGI Shows some random and pointless info about your browser.
(Maybe it could be useful because it shows your IP address?)

- Robbi-985 aka SomethingUnreal